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Absolutely FANTASTIC

Joe and his team were absolutely FANTASTIC in every way!!! I conducted so much research before finally deciding on EarthWise, and I'm so thankful that I ended up choosing them! I had a full truck load's worth of junk that needed to be removed from my house, so Joe and his team arrived right on schedule to save our household from the mounting clutter. They even called me about 15-20 minutes before arrival so that I could prepare. They will take anything you can think of and dispose the items in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. Joe and his team were extremely friendly, so easygoing, and professional. They even did a huge favor for me by helping to move one of my couches from upstairs to downstairs since I was rearranging some furnishings. It was very kind of them to do so, and I greatly appreciate all the effort and hard work!! I've hired other junk removal companies in the past before knowing about EarthWise, and can honestly attest to the fact that these guys are the BEST! Lastly, their prices are very reasonable!!

Juliet Rachel C.
Diamond Bar, United States